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Eric Childs, "Kombuchman"

Founder of KBBK Kombucha Brooklyn in 2009, Eric has been a pioneer in the commercial kombucha world, seeing every angle in the business through its fast and furious growth as a category in the ready-to-drink market. Developing a line of ready-to-drink bottles and kegs, then a line of DIY home brew kits and supplies, Eric has seen all sides as well as sizes of a kombucha business and has been a trailblazer for the industry.


Through the development of the KBBK SCOBY Lab, an R&D and kombucha SCOBY propagation center, Eric has led his team at Kombucha Brooklyn to discover a deeper understanding of the kombucha symbiosis and its applications. This knowledge has been able to help guide his clients to a more successful understanding and use of culture that makes kombucha.


After moving out of New York City with his family in 2015 to pursue a more family-centered life, Eric stopped making ready-to-drink kombucha. This allowed the focus on R&D and increased quality standards that he pursues today. It also allowed him to assist others through consultation in avoiding the mistakes that he made through his journey, as well as improve already successful operations.


In 2017 Eric co-founded Abandoned Hard Cider in Parksville, NY, which produces a line of traditional New York hard ciders from abandoned apples found in the mountains of the region.


He is the co-author of Kombucha! The Amazing Probiotic Drink that Heals and Energizes and Fermentation and Home Brewing .


Considered a master blender as well as a supertaster, Eric is a Chinese tea specialist and holds a degree in wine education from the International Wine Center. Now Principal Consultant to KBBK Consultants, Eric can help you on your path to successful fermentation and business.

Principal Consultant