Our Services


​​Hour-to-hour: For those in need of a consolidated consultation with specific support topics, we can be available for hourly support.

Hourly Block: Our most popular form of consultation, the hourly block package allows for a thorough amount of time to do whatever you need. The Hourly Block session includes 5-hours of support time at a discounted hourly rate. 

Special Projects: By far the most involved of our services, the Special Project is designed for those looking for both information and asset generation. These could range from new brewery builds, growth development plans of exciting operations, and more. These projects last as long as they need to complete the job. They include the generation of assets such as equipment list, recipe formulation, brewery design/layout, HACCP plan, production flow charts, Quality Control (QC) diagrams, operational budgets and more. Special Projects utilize all KBBK team members to get the job done.

On-Site Support: If you’re in need of on-site support we’ve got you covered. One of our team members can be at your facility quickly to do any number of tasks. These could include, new operation flow development, staff training, interim management duties, plant review, recipe formulating and more.

Asset Generation: If a specific asset is needed we can help on an individual level. These assets could include, equipment list, brewery design/layout, HACCP plan, schedule process, production flow charts, Quality Control (QC) diagrams, operational budgets and more.

Operation Audit: It can be hard to see where improvements or changes need to be made while running your business. To help find the leaks, we can perform audits of any area of your kombucha business. Very common is the brewery/production audit.

No matter what your needs are we can help. Please email us for a rate quote with all of your desired items you wished covered. We will get back to you quickly!