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Image by Siora Photography

What We Do


KBBK has a wide range of skills and specialties. We can cover virtually any aspect of your new or existing kombucha business. These include:

  • Product formulation design and review

  • Growth plans in production and within your business

  • Brewery design

  • Fermentation control and improvements

  • Operational improvements

  • Quality control improvements

  • Facility issue discovery and control

  • Staff training

  • Facility safety audits

  • Equipment and ingredient sourcing

  • And much more….

KBBK can execute these tasks through remote support online, on-site meetings, and on-site training. We can travel to any location around the world or help through remote connections.


All remote work is done from the KBBK beverage lab in Woodstock, NY. The lab is fully equipped to perform every aspect of beverage design and analysis. With controlled fermentation incubators, specialized formulation equipment, and packaging capacities, KBBK will deliver the highest quality work from the lab

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